Leveraging the Full Range of AI Capabilities


We use state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques together with Deep Learning to detect patterns associated with spam and inappropriate content.


Using Machine Vision, we are able to tell, for example, if an ad thumbnail image contains nudity, violence, illegal substances and the like.


We employ trusted software security services to identify links containing malware or phishing content.


And also with Fake News, humans could use some help:


"Americans Believe They Can Detect Fake News. Studies Show They Can't." Forbes.com


We are using NLP to understand the meaning of ad content and leverage online knowledge repositories to find facts that can support or disprove it – while building the FakeRank graph.

It's Not Magic (Mostly..)


It's easy to think about common and intuitive patterns in spam or fake news content. Our models can easily pick up on that, but they also utilize Deep Learning and Semantic Text Analysis to detect more nuanced patterns.


And one more thing..


Tailor Made for You


Our models are coming fully ready out of the box, but once deployed, they are continuously learning based on your data to unleash the power of a true tailor made solution