The Most Complete Solution for Ad Verification


Whether you are:

  • an advertiser looking to keep an eye on where your brand is displayed
  • a publisher looking to verify that the advertising content meets your policy
  • an ad network catering to advertisers and publishers

– we are here to help keep your users safe and your reputation pristine


Augmenting Manual Review with AI Powers


Traditional manual review is expensive, slow and prone to subjectivity and errors.

Our solution is designed to augment your editorial staff with AI capabilities and automatic reports to get the job done in seconds with super-human accuracy.


Together, we fight spam, malware and inappropriate content

but that’s not all..

Fighting Fake News

Sad indeed!

But don't worry..


Introducing FakeRank


A quick story.. In the old days of the Internet, there were two competing search engines: Google and AltaVista. Both were challenged by search spam. Google introduced PageRank and the rest is history.


FakeRank is like PageRank for Fake News detection, only that instead of links between web pages, the network consists of facts and supporting evidence. It leverages knowledge from the Web with Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques to understand the meaning of a news story and verify that it is supported by facts.